Photograph Usage Policy

I sometimes get requests from individuals and companies for permission to use my photos for various endeavours. To save time, I have made this page to explain my stance on the issue. The below table should give you some idea of what I expect; in all cases, please contact me to confirm, but only if you broadly agree with the text below. Thanks.

Non-profit use by individuals

If an individual (i.e. an entity consisting of one person) wishes to use my photos for either private (e.g. room art) or public (i.e. used in a free newsletter they create and distribute) purposes and do not intend or make a profit from this, then all I ask is that you contact me to let me know what you've done.

Use by non-profit organisations

If you are a non-profit organisation and wish to use my photos for any use, please email me with all the relevant details and I will make a decision about whether you can use them for free or not (I invariably will allow free use, unless I think that there is a chance you'll be using them to make excessive money, I don't agree with your organisational aims, or else I don't think you're particularly charitable!). As a minimum though, you must credit me on the photo (and link to this website).

Use by for-profit organisations and individuals

If a for-profit organisation (or individual) wish to use my photos in any way, then you need to pay me for the license to use them. I don't feel very comfortable doing this, but I'm equally uncomfortable with anything I create being used to make other people money without me being rewarded! The "going rate" varies between countries, but typically I would ask for £100 (around $150) per photo you use. This is subject to change based on what you're doing, but this is the basic rate (and is less than what I've been paid in the past), so unless you're doing something special (like publishing packs of postcards, which again has happened in the past), it won't vary. Please contact me if you're OK with this.

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