Occasionally, I have been lucky enough to receive awards for various work that I and my students have performed. This page documents this recognition, mainly for my own record.

IEEE ISORC 2014 Award

"Certificate of Appreciation" for "important contributions to the ISORC 2014" conference as Workshop Chair. June 2014

IEEE SOSE 2013 Award

"Honor and Appreciation Award" for "outstanding contribution" to the running of iVCE 2013. March 2013

Best Paper

"An Approach for Characterizing Workloads in Google Cloud to Derive Realistic Resource Utilization Models", IEEE SOSE 2013

Best Paper

"Interface refactoring in performance-constrained web services", IEEE ISORC 2012

WUN Travel Award

World University Network award for 2 month visit to Penn State University, USA, Oct-Dec 2011

Best Paper

"Modelling and Simulation for e-Social Science: Current Progress", UK e-Science AHM 2007
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