I regularly sit on the committees of national and international conferences, workshops, and editorial boards; this page attempts to document my activities in this area. I try to keep this page up-to-date, although there may be occasional omissions.


IEEE Dist. Systems Online Journal (Dependability), 2004-2007

Phil. Trans. Royal Society A: Cloud Computing Issue (01/2013)

General Chair

WODSOG 2006 (Leeds, UK)
IEEE iVCE 2013 (San Francisco, USA)
IEEE RTCPS 2014 (Reno, USA)
IEEE GCC 2014 (London, UK)
IEEE SOSE 2015 (San Francisco, USA)
IEEE ISORC 2015 (Auckland, NZ)
IEEE ISORC 2016 (York, UK)
IEEE SOSE 2016 (Oxford, UK)

PC Chair

UK e-Science AHM 2011 (York, UK)
IEEE iVCE 2012 (Shenzhen, China)
IEEE SOSE 2014 (Oxford, UK)

Publicity Chair

IEEE SRDS 2007 (Beijing, China)
IEEE ISORC 2013 (Paderborn, Germany)

Local Chair

IEEE SRDS 2006 (Leeds, UK)
RNEC 2008 (Leeds, UK)

Workshop Chair

IEEE ISORC 2014 (Reno, USA)

PC Member

IEEE HASE 2008 (Nanjing, China)
IEEE SOSE 2011 (Los Angeles, USA)
IEEE DSN 2012 (Boston, USA)
IEEE ISORC 2012 (Shenzhen, China)
SDMCMM 2012 (Montreal, Canada)
IEEE ICDCS 2013 (Philadelphia, USA)
IEEE SOSE 2013 (San Francisco, USA)
IEEE iThings 2013 (Beijing, China)
IEEE CSE 2013 (Sydney, Australia)
SDMCMM 2013 (Beijing, China)
IEEE EUC 2014 (Milan, Italy)
IEEE iVCE 2014 (Oxford, UK)
IEEE SEUS 2014 (Reno, USA)
IEEE DSAA 2015 (Paris, France)
IEEE iVCE 2015 (San Jose, USA)
IEEE CCBD 2015 (Taipei, Taiwan)
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