Below are some of the major projects that I have been directly involved with in recent years. I have also been peripherally involved in other projects, such as the White Rose Grid and NECTISE projects at the University of Leeds and the e-Demand project at Durham University.

April 2014 to present

EPSRC IAA: EP/K503836/1
Grant amount: £160,000

Co-author and Lead Architect on the “Enhancing Energy Efficiency in Data Centres” (E3DC) project. I am developing the strategy and overall design, underlying architecture, file formats, analytic web services and web-based dashboard interface for a production-quality decision support system for Cloud data centres. I am also developing new relationships (and liaising with) commercial partners to test the system in real-world environments. The ultimate aim of this project is to create a commercial spin-out company to further develop and market the world-leading energy efficient cloud technologies developed through the work of my students and myself.

April 2011 to March 2014

TSB Project: TP19253
Grant amount: £1,370,000

Co-author and Lead Architect on the “truSTed digital spaces through timely Reliable And Personalised Provenance” (STRAPP) project. I developed an overall framework to integrate provenance information into the systems of two commercial partners (Rolls-Royce and Cybula) and am Lead Developer of a software demonstrator that integrates this framework into the Rolls-Royce EHM system for aircraft engines.

White Rose Grid Phase III
May 2008 to October 2013

EPSRC grant: EP/F057644/1
Grant amount: £604,471

Co-author and Researcher on the "White Rose Grid Phase III Platform Grant". a continuation of the highly successful "White Rose Grid" e-Science centre project, involving the Universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York. In addition to helping to write the proposal, I develop application software for the project and helped to run the UK All Hands Meeting conference, attended by over 200 of the UK's top experts in Grid and Cloud.

October 2008 to March 2011

ESRC Grant: RES-149-25-1078
Grant amount: £1,370,056.77

Co-author and Lead Architect on the "Generative e-Social Science" (GENeSIS) project. I refined and developed Web Services to process and display social-science simulation results, and developed a series of clients to interact with these services. I also developed an underlying infrastructure for project data, which utilised distributed storage and security.

May 2006 to April 2009

EPSRC grant: EP/D077249/1
Grant amount: £76,823

Co-author and Lead Researcher on the “COLAB: e-Science Collaboration between Leeds and Beihang in China For Grid-Enabled Visualisation Applications” project. I co-authored and managed this international UK/China research collaboration, which resulted in the development of a Grid Middleware for High-Assurance Systems, incorporating security, provenance and fault-injection technologies.

April 2005 to Sept 2008

ESRC grant: RES-149-25-0034
Grant amount: £602,641.95

Architect and Researcher on the “Modelling and Simulation for e-social Science” (MoSeS) project. I developed an infrastructure to support e-social science experiments, through the use of service-based technologies. Additionally, I developed a computational architecture for the project as a whole, and was the principle developer of the project demonstrator systems.

April 2002 - April 2005

EPSRC grant: THBB/C008/00112C
Grant amount: £636,900

Research student on the "e-Demand" project. I conducted research into improving the dependability of service-oriented architectures (later also addressing "Grid Computing" systems). Specifically, I developed a topology-aware multi-version design fault-tolerance mechanism for services, and integrated this into the overall e-Demand architecture. I was later awarded my PhD for this work.
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